Terms Of Service

You must be online when donating

You must ask for permission from your parents/guardian(s) if you under the age of 18.

Please note that all chargebacks result in a IP ban from our server & are not tolerated on this server.

Note to parents: We understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the internet is a bit worrying. You child is playing on an online world with many other players. Each player starts with a default rank which comes with many features, however it does not come with all of them. Purchasing a higher rank gives your child more features, the higher the rank the more features they get. This allows them to get extra things within the server and therefore making the game experience more enjoyable.

If you encounter any issues, simply email us on [email protected] or create a support ticket and we will respond as soon as possible!

Current Payment Options:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
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Thank You
Thank you to everyone who is supporting the server with donations to keep the server up and running. #JurassicLife Bois
IP: Jurassic.Network